Strawberry Hill

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 Farm Tours

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Hours of Operation: Farm Tours available Year-Round by appointment only,
Group rates are available.

Guided Walk-Through Tours:
2 years and older : $6/person  1 Hour

School/Daycare Guided Tours:   $5/person    45 min
Choose from one of the following tours to attend

NEW!!!! Tours
 1. Fun on the Farm:
Walk through the Barn Yard of animals where we will introduce you to all the animals and teach you about their habits, characteristics and what they eat. Make a mask of your favorite animal to take home.

2. Farm to Fridge:
Walk through our goat barns where we will introduce you to our 600 goats and you will learn how milk gets to the store. Sample a taste goat cheese. 


       Working Farm Tour:
2 years and older Admission   $8   2 Hour Tour

Ever Wonder what it would be like to be a farmer?

Well join us for our hands on tour where you can help feed the rabbits, gather the egg,
bottle -feed the babies, give the horse and donkeys hay,
get a kiss from Coco the llama,
and help Alan & Marie milk  the goats,
all while learning about the animals on the farm and the inside life of a farmer.
There is always a lot to do on the farm.

 Activities Included in all Tours above:
Story Time Pine's Tire Playground
Hillbilly Golf & Bowling
Goat Ropen
Football Throw
New!! Tire Horse Swing

 Be a Farmer for Day
Come work with us and be a farmer for a day milk the goats, feed the chicken,
ducks, geese, pigeons, peacocks, clean the donkey and horse pens out.
Work when we do, rest when we do, eat when we do.
Learn more in detail about the animals on the farm.
Our day begins at 5 am - 8 pm
You may choose the hours you would like to visit.
$75 All participants
18 Years of age or (younger - accompanied by a participating adult)
  By Reservation Only

Group rates a
re available.

All tours include Story Time Pine's Playground

 Tire Playground, Story Time Pine Picture Boards,  Hillbilly Golf & Bowling

Lots of animals to see
Chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks, turkeys, pigeons,  cows, guineas
& lots & lots of goats 550 to be exact


Call 563-920-4531

Story Time Pine's Barn Yard and Playground

Picnic Area for up to 100 people 

Call 563-920-4531

We do offer Scholarships for our Tours, & please contact me for more information.

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We reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time, for any reason and/or to deny or stop participation or cease services entirely if deemed necessary or appropriate, without consequences or obligation.